August 17, 1950 - October 19, 2007

Last Updated on August 17, 2020
Rachel's "70th Birthday" Tribute to Julie

My first and favorite picture of Julie...one she later had made into an 8x10 color picture as a Christmas present. It was her "Senior Picture" when she graduated from Cairo High School in 1968. Excuse the crumpled look...it resided in my billfold for 37 years. Awwwww...

This Web site is my own personal labor of love...a tribute to my wife and best friend of over 30 years...a remarkable woman who touched the lives of so many people in a most positive way. Being privy to her most intimate thoughts and most of her grand adventures, I have memories to share that will remind those who knew Julie of why we all will dearly miss her. As photos and comments are added, you will most likely learn new things that will make you smile, may even make you laugh out loud. For that was Julie's labor of love...her legacy if you will...to lift the spirits of those fortunate enough to have entered her gravitational pull.

This Web site is also my personal way of working through the "stages of grief"...to reach the fifth and final stage of "acceptance".

Hey, it's a goal...

This picture of Julie is from 2001...the picture that hung on the wall at the headquarters of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. Julie made history in November 2000 when she became the first African American to be elected to the IMRF Board of Trustees.

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Rachel's "70th Birthday" Tribute to Julie 8-17-20

The display below originated with the collage that was presented at Julie's visitation...to show her many faces over the years.

The pictures are loosely grouped by categories...with a miscellaneous category to catch the remainder.

Do NOT expect the pictures to be in chronological order...it ain't gonna happen. The vast majority of photos did not have dates...and I'm too old to remember!

School Pictures

School Secretary





We B Cruisin'


Bonus - For Fun

Folks keep "pestering" me - and I do appreciate it - inquiring as to my general state of mind.

I'm movin' on...livin' life. Will continue to take one day at a time...have had a lot of practice over the past ten years. However...I intend to post more pictures, tell some more stories, continue remembering how lucky I was when Julie Newell dreamed me into life.

For those of you who wish to accompany me down memory lane...I'm more than happy to share.

For those of you who don't want to dwell in the past...want to get on with living life...that's fine too. Julie showed you the way!